Mozn Charitable Foundation for Social Development is a non-profit organization established in 2015 under the law of the Yemeni institutions and federations affiliated to the Ministry of Social Affairs and Labor, and under license no (36/196) within the scope of the Republic of Yemen .

Since its establishment, the Foundation has been working to help and develop the Yemeni society through active and active contribution to the provision of humanitarian services and assistance and through the implementation of programs and projects aimed at meeting the needs of the community and developing the different capacities of individuals.




Function: Cleaner

Location: Jawf Governorate

Duration: 6   months

Date: 10 November 2019

Closing Date: 21 November 2019



Roles and responsibilities  :-

·        Maintain the overall appearance.

·        Responsible for cleaning doors, offices, libraries, office equipment and windows

·        Responsible for cleaning the floors and walls of the rooms and the administrative area of ​​the institution and stairs

·        Clean the bathrooms before the employees come to their offices and during office hours.

·        Carrying waste daily according to the program prepared by the direct supervisor.

·        Inform the immediate official or the head of the department immediately about the things that need immediate maintenance in the center such as electricity, water network, sewerage network, etc.

·        Responsible for disinfection and perfuming the smell of rooms and bathrooms

·        Not to leave the duty station without the knowledge and prior approval of the direct official.

·        Responsible for maintaining and maintaining hygiene tools and materials and their use without waste.

·        Editing the purchase of tools and materials and handing it over to the direct manager.

·        All of the above must be done in accordance with the special instructions approved by the cleaning work.

·        Perform all the tasks required of him within the limits of his job.



Terms & Conditions:


1-    Under secondary

2-    year experience

3-    good listening and understanding and awareness of attitudes consciously and focused

4-    Good working knowledge.

5-    Self-discipline.

6-    Ability to work under pressure and face difficulties and problems

7-    activity and speed at work


For those who find themselves interested: attaching a CV and a cover letter (application letter(.

To apply for the following email: