Mozn Charitable Foundation for Social Development is a non-profit organization established in 2015 under the law of the Yemeni institutions and federations affiliated to the Ministry of Social Affairs and Labor, and under license no (36/196) within the scope of the Republic of Yemen .

Since its establishment, the Foundation has been working to help and develop the Yemeni society through active and active contribution to the provision of humanitarian services and assistance and through the implementation of programs and projects aimed at meeting the needs of the community and developing the different capacities of individuals.


Occupation: Accountant

Location: Jawf Governorate

Duration: 6   months

Date: 10 November 2019

Closing Date: 21 November 2019


Roles and responsibilities  :-

      Prepare sub-plans and executive programs for financial management to achieve the main objectives of the project.

      Commits to maintain the confidentiality of all data and information that is seen and not disclose to others for any reason

      Preparing bank reconciliations and matching the professor with the bank statements.

      Ability to document all restrictions and disbursement bonds and to collect and classify all annexes to financial operations and the ability to enter operations in accounting systems

      Coordinate and organize disbursed documents, organize accounts and related procedures and prepare periodic reports.

      Prepare financial statements and final accounts and follow-up issuance and incoming.

      Participate in periodic meetings related to the project and give opinion on the results and decisions.

      Responsible for monitoring the implementation of plans for financial management.

      Review and approve all disbursement documents and issue the disbursement order.

      Maintaining, keeping and reviewing all financial documents and books and following up the validity and validity of these documents.

      Keep complete copies of all financial documents, whether for the benefit of the project or for the benefit of the institution.

      Submit monthly and final reports to the project.

      The financial officer is responsible for keeping all records of the quality models of the financial management procedure and all his work is subject to internal audit.

      Communicate and coordinate with field staff on project-related financial matters.

      Perform additional tasks, as directed by the supervisor


Terms and Conditions

1- Bachelor's degree in Accounting or related field.

2- At least 3 years experience in the work of local organizations or institutions.

3- Good working knowledge.

4 - Self-discipline.

5- Financial reporting skills.

6- Ability to work under pressure and face difficulties and problems.

7- Computer skills and applications.

8- Communication skills in Arabic and English.


For those who find themselves interested: attaching a CV and a cover letter (application letter(.

To apply for the following email: