Livelihood Training Officer


Mozn Charitable Foundation for Social Development is a non-profit organization established in 2015 under the law of the Yemeni institutions and federations affiliated to the Ministry of Social Affairs and Labor, and under license no (36/196) within the scope of the Republic of Yemen .

Since its establishment, the Foundation has been working to help and develop the Yemeni society through active and active contribution to the provision of humanitarian services and assistance and through the implementation of programs and projects aimed at meeting the needs of the community and developing the different capacities of individuals.




Position: Livelihood Training Officer

Location: Jawf Governorate

Duration: 6  months

Date: 10 November 2019

Closing Date: 21 November 2019


Roles and responsibilities  :-

      Organizing training courses in all life skills based on the needs of the target and according to the project plan.

      Coordinate with service providers and awareness officials to make the necessary awareness sessions, trainings and competitions.

      Work with vocational centers to train livelihood skills.

      Develop plans for the effective implementation of project activities related to livelihoods approaches that target the most vulnerable and increase flexibility.

      Involve and guide the targeted in determining the type of training according to skills, experience and others

      Support and provide technical support to community facilitators in promoting community engagement processes in project areas, in particular identifying project beneficiaries, assessing their needs and addressing and resolving community issues.

      Writing and submitting reports of weekly rehabilitation activities and discussing them with project management.

      Document the best lessons learned from the project, case studies, etc., and share them with the project team for exchange with the donor.

      Perform any other tasks imposed by the community center or the project manager.


Terms & Conditions:

1-    University degree.

2-    Preferred previous experience and not less than a year.

3-    Experience in the field of humanitarian work with non-governmental institutions.

4-    Fluency in Arabic and English (written and spoken) required.

5-    Reporting skills.

6-    Skill of communication with others.

7-    Ability to work under pressure and face difficulties.


For those who find themselves interested: attaching a CV and a cover letter (application letter(.

To apply for the following email:



Livelihood Training Officer