Health and Nutrition Program

Health and Nutrition Program

Program Objective:

Support and strengthen health services provided to patients at targeting sites and contribute to the reduction of cholera and infectious diseases.

Yemen has suffered a humanitarian crisis since the beginning of the war in March 2015. During 2017, most of the Yemeni provinces suffered from the worst health deterioration in the midst of the largest humanitarian crisis in the world as a result of the damage and destruction suffered by the infrastructure of health facilities and other vital facilities paralyzed by the war and the economic siege and deterioration, which has had a frightening effect on the health side and the spread and spread of many diseases and epidemics and the most serious (Cholera) and reached the rate of infection daily about 7 thousand people and the number of people who did not receive adequate health care 14.1 million people UNICEF confirmed organization needs 7.4 million children and medical aid.

Based on these indicators, Mozn has sought since its establishment to have a human footprint in the health program because of the urgent need in this sector. It has worked on identifying three models for improving the health service and support of the patients and establishing partnerships with national organizations and companies supporting health projects. The number of beneficiaries (145,000) of the total number of health projects reached 145,489. The health projects were concentrated in the following governorates (Hodeidah, Al- Amanah, Amran-Mahaweet)

* A table showing interventions Mizin in public health and nutrition: -


Project Name

date of starting

Implementation site

The No. of beneficiaries


Follow-up and evaluation of emergency medical response project 


Amran Governorate

( Directorate of  Kharef ))


National Foundation for Development and Humanitarian Response and financing (Osha )

Support May 22Medical Hospital, which receives cases of Cholera and provides free services for the displaced


August 2017

Municipality of the capital


Company (Tele-Yemen )

And under the supervision of the Executive Unit for the displaced

Support for damaged health centers (1)


March 2017 




French Doctors Without Borders

Providing financial assistance to malnourished children







man of a good will

Project contribution to reduce the spread Scabies and fungal infections






Yemen Mobile Company

Awareness of the dangers of cholera and diseases caused by pollution(sources) water

March 2018 


Directorate Kharef