Shelter and non-food program

Shelter and non-food program

Program Objective:
To promote the decent life of displaced, affected and poorest families by supporting shelters
A look at the reality of shelter and camps in Yemen in 2017
• 20.7 million people in Yemen need humanitarian support or protection.
• 9.8 million people with special needs for assistance.
• 4.5 million people require emergency shelter assistance or essential humanitarian tools in camps, displacement areas, host communities and returning expatriates.
• 17 million people (60% of the total population) are food insecure.
• More than three million people fled their homes in search of security and safety.
• 47 camps were destroyed.
• 409,356 house destroyed and damaged by the bombing of aviation and war .
• Collapse of public services.
• Access to safe water is a major challenge for most Yemeni families.
• 11.8 million people in need of protection assistance, including 3.9 million people,
• 500 thousand marginalized in Yemen.
• 280,000 refugees in Yemen, 91% of whom are Somalis

According to these tragic humanitarian indicators, in Feb. 2018, Mozn implemented 8 projects with a budget of (69,447,600), amounting to (69,447,600), amounting to (69,447,600). The number of beneficiaries of the program of shelter and non-food items (26,529) (Men, women, boys and girls). Our main focus was on the displaced and the marginalized in four governorates (Al_Amanah, Amran, Hodeidah, Sana'a) 


Project Name

Date of starting

Implementation site

The number of beneficiaries


Support the most needy groups with winter blankets


January 2018m

Amanat Alasimah


Banan Development  corporation

Support poor families with diverse clothes


March 2017AD



man of a good will

D uncle of the most vulnerable groups with variety of clothing (1)


June 2017AD


Amanat Alasimah


Banan Development  corporation

Al Ezani Trading Stores

D uncle of the most vulnerable groups with a variety of clothing (2)


October -Nov 2017 AD

Amanat Alasimah


Banan Development  corporation

Support the most needy groups with flaps and winter blankets


Dec 2017 AD

Amanat Alasimah


Banan Development  corporation

Distribution of winter blankets and solar lamps for the displaced, marginalized and vulnerable groups



Amran &  Amanat Alasimah